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photokina: Business Forum Imaging Cologne 2017: photokina trend congress: Moving beyond the limits

"Moving beyond the limits". With this motto, the Business Forum Imaging Cologne 2017 on 1 and 2 March 2017 wants to encourage moving beyond the traditional limits of the photography and imaging market. With the concept “Imaging Unlimited”, photokina 2016 already showed that the photography market is not getting smaller, but is in fact growing, despite the well-known developments in traditional segments. The trend congress of photokina provides an opportunity to discuss the chances and risks of this new imaging world in detail.

» Images are omnipresent not only in communications. Imaging technologies are also an important foundation in security technology, in the smart home, in autonomous driving and countless applications in robotics, industry and trade. Over a period of two days, the Business Forum Imaging will address the themes that are currently most relevant for the industry in numerous expert talks: new products and product segments, value creation in the camera business, retail 4.0 and alternative business models for imaging pros and the specialised trade are only a few of the themes raised for discussion by well-known speakers.

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Quelle: Press Release - No. 1 / mde / February 2017, Cologne
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