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gamescom: Sold out: private visitor tickets for gamescom Saturday no longer available!

* gamescom Saturday sold out in advance sale
* High demand: secure a day ticket for one of the other public days in the gamescom Ticket Shop now
* Limited ticket contingent for all public days available at Saturn
* Proven: offering of afternoon tickets on location
* Reserved: exclusive admission ticket contingent for families

» 24 hours after the opening of the online Ticket Shop, gamescom has already broken its own record with 42,000 tickets sold. The world′s largest event for computer and video games thus remains on its successful course: a good 3 months prior to the start of gamescom, the private visitor tickets for Saturday, 26 August 2017 (new series of days: Saturday is last day of the trade fair) are sold out in advance sale! As in past years, admission tickets for private visitors are available in selected Saturn outlets. However, codes for day tickets at Saturn are also only available here as long as supplies last. The following applies in keeping with the high demand for the public days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (new series of days: open to all on Wednesday, 23 August to Saturday, 26 August 2017); hurry and secure your day ticket quickly in the online Ticket Shop if you definitely want to be at gamescom 2017. As always, the following applies: advance sale day tickets are only available as long as supplies last. Important: the official sales channels for gamescom admission tickets are limited exclusively to the online Ticket Shop of gamescom and select Saturn outlets. Here to the gamescom Ticket Shop

As in previous years, Saturday afternoon tickets will also be available in 2017 on location (admission from 2:00 p.m. onward). However, admission is dependent on visitor circulation, i.e. the numbers of visitors leaving the fair grounds. Waiting times should thus be anticipated. For those who want to experience gamescom in person and test out the numerous premieres live on location, prompt purchase of an advance sale gamescom ticket for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday in the online Ticket-Shop is highly recommended.

Reserved: exclusive admission ticket contingent for families
A ticket contingent for gamescom 2017 will also be offered exclusively for families. It targets parents and their children aged between 7 and 11 years (valid for a maximum of five people, no more than two of them adults). The family ticket is only offered for advance sale and is reserved for families up to and including Saturday, 19 August 2017. The family ticket is only available in the online Ticket Shop of gamescom. The family ticket purchased in the gamescom Ticket Shop must be converted into admission tickets at the gamescom box offices on location. The composition of the family is also checked here. Important: only family tickets that have been acquired in the gamescom Ticket Shop under are converted into admission tickets on location. To make sure the admission process is as stress-free as possible and to allow direct access to the family & friends area and to other especially family-friendly exhibits, we recommend using Entrance South.

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