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Caravan Salon Düsseldorf: Dream Tours at CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF 2019

Fascination Caravanning: France, Mongolia and Central Asia, the Panamericana, Japan, Norway and Russia as well as an Adventure Trip by Land to Australia

Foto: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann
» The “Traumtouren” (Dream Tour) Cinema at CARAVAN DÜSSELDORF (August 31 to September 8, 2019) has become an absolute classic inspiring visitors with spectacular images and breathtaking impressions year after year. Our Dream Tour trio Janette Emerich, Konstantin Abert and Uwe Hamm will once again present an exciting programme in Hall 7.1 (1st floor) and report in six daily multi-vision shows on fascinating caravanning trips to distant lands. Visitors to this year’s CARAVAN SALON can look forward to the following destinations: France, Mongolia and Central Asia, the Panamericana, Japan, Norway and Russia as well as an adventure trip by land to Australia.

The multi-vision shows in the Dream Tour Cinema are screened daily, every hour from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm. The Cinema can be accessed via the North Entrance or Hall 7. Admission to these shows is included in the ticket for the CARAVAN SALON.

11.00 am France: From the Loire to the Atlantic by Motorhome

12.00 noon Mongolia and Central Asia: Through Steppes, Deserts and Mountains

1.00 pm 1 Year by Land to Australia: The Special Adventure Trip

Part 2: From India to the Himalayas

2.00 pm Panamericana: From Tierra del Fuego to the Caribbean

3.00 Japan: By Motorhome through the Land of the Rising Sun

4.00 Norway and Russia: Motorhome Paradises in the Far North

France: By Motorhome from the Loire to the Atlantic Ocean
France is hard to beat when it comes to infrastructure for motorhome users. Janette Emerich will take visitors on a varied motorhome tour for all the senses. We depart from the tranquil Riquewihr in Alsace. The route leads via the Grand Ballon to the mustard town of Dijon. Romantic castles and palaces adorn the Loire Valley like diamonds. The huge Château Chambord, the moated castle Chenonceau or the elaborately designed gardens of Château Villandry are just some of the highlights on this adventure tour that takes you through historic tuff cellars, mystical stalactite caves and vineyards. On the Atlantic coast, time seems to have stood still on the picturesque Ile de Ré with its dreamy villages. Europe′s highest drifting dune at Arcachon is as impressive as are the historic towns of Bordeaux, Nantes and Vichy and the medieval villages of Beynac, Rocamadour and Salers. At the end of the tour, the wonderland of the Auvergne with its bizarre volcanic cones awaits you.

Mongolia and Central Asia – Through Steppes, Deserts and Mountains
A sky without condensation trails, wide landscapes without fences and hundreds of kilometres without signposts – can you still experience that today? Yes, you can. On his dream tour Kostya Abert experiences "long-distance bliss" and sets off with his motorhome on a great journey to the east. There is no RV park guide for this region, you can park wherever you like – freely in the wild. After an adventurous day driving through the vast steppes, simply leave the road, follow a dirt road and stop at the first nice opportunity. Turn the engine off, open doors and windows, get your chairs out, enjoy the landscape and cure your wanderlust. Flush your home on wheels with the fragrance of the steppe over night and wake up the next morning as if reborn. The high mountains of Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Mongolia can be reached via the Central Asian desert and steppe landscapes of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Welcome to awe-inspiring mountain landscapes, their warm and hospitable pastoral tribes, wild horses, camels and shaggy yaks.

One Year by Land to Australia – The Special Adventure Trip
Last year Kostya Abert presented the first part of this spectacular trip – his exciting and entertaining take on Australia – now we are in for the second part! The biggest motorhome expedition of all times has passed the Golden Triangle on the Mekong and arrived on the subcontinent. India is synonymous with one of the last big adventures for motorists on earth. Cows, water buffalos and monkeys are just as much part of everyday traffic as are rickshaws, ghost drivers and mercilessly overloaded trucks. On the way down south, the motorhome group explores new regions with ancient cultures on remote routes, which have hardly been visited by tourists before. The neighbouring Himalayan states of Nepal and Bhutan are extremely demanding on both the drivers and their motorhomes. Mountain passes with gaping abysses and overhanging rocks make the ride a truly nerve-wracking experience. The huge national parks, breath-taking mountain landscapes skirting the roof of the world and the many wonderful encounters with this region’s smiling inhabitants are the priceless reward for so much adventurous spirit.

Panamericana – From Tierra del Fuego to the Caribbean
Janette Emerich and Uwe Hamm make travel dreams come true. For more than ten years now, these “America connoisseurs” have been accompanying adventurous motorhome owners for six months on what is probably the most spectacular route in the world: the Panamericana. It connects the American double continent from the southern tip of South America in Tierra del Fuego with the Arctic Ocean of Alaska. No other road gives travellers a more lasting impression of our planet’s diversity. In their show the passionate photographers will carry away Dream Tour Cinema visitors on a fantastic journey for all the senses. Highlights include the deafening calving of glaciers, the endless expanses of the salt lake on the Altiplano, the sight of lava coming from the active Villarica volcano, the sand dunes in the Atacama desert, as well as abandoned Inca sites, dizzying Andes passes, vibrant cities and exotic Indian markets. The pioneers excel at “converting” their exciting encounters and experiences as well as the unique nature and animal world into a thrilling multi-vision show. These images get under your skin and immediately make you want to get behind the wheel.

Japan: By Motorhome through the Land of the Rising Sun
Why stay at home when beauty is far away? We know surprisingly little about Japan – that stretched-out land of the rising sun. And even fewer people know that you can even travel to this part of the world by motorhome. Janette Emerich has been to Japan three times with a compact motorhome and will take the Dream Tour Cinema visitors to a completely different world. Everybody has seen pictures of the majestic Fujiyama volcano – with its even, snow-capped cone reflected in one of the many lakes; or hidden temples, elaborately decorated pagodas and mysterious geishas. But Japan is much more than that. The crowds of the modern metropolis Tokyo impressively contrast with remote mountain villages, gushing waterfalls, relaxing thermal springs, mysterious sanctuaries, tea plantations or the Japanese Alps. Here, you are in for 40 minutes of pure exoticism making you want to set off immediately.

Norway and Russia: Motorhome Paradises in the Far North
Where can we still find an easily accessible adventure with 24 hours of sunshine included? Convenience camping, gorgeously located pitches or simply wild camping in solitude – the far North of Europe has something to cater to all tastes. From Kristiansand to the North Cape, Kostya Abert shows the whole spectrum of natural beauty of the North on a fantastic route. Fjords, glaciers, mountains, beaches, lakes, forests, moose and reindeer, midnight sun – Norway is the ideal country for caravanning enthusiasts and those aspiring to become ones. On the eastern side you are in for Russian joie de vivre, culture galore by the tsars and the Carelians, old wooden churches and tremendous freedom, or – for four-wheel drive fans - truly rough terrain in the Kirov Alps. Other highlights in the magic realm of the far North include the Kola Peninsula, Murmansk, the Barents Sea and White Sea, lakes Onega and Ladoga as well as untouched Karelia. «

Quelle: Press Release - July 6, 2019

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