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Spam und Co.: Re: HLX-LOYDGBC1/529-Transfer

Haben Sie auch eine Mail von Halifax - erhalten? - Verbuchen Sie diese besser direkt als Spam...


» Halifax Bank,
350/355 Cabot Place East
Canary Wharf,
London, E14 4QT.

Att.: Sir
E-mail: [Anm.: Hier steht Ihre Mail-Adresse]

Re: Ref.: HLFXGB22-921 | Amt: (US$8,500,000.00)

Following review of your long with-held payment related documents in line with the World Bank, Bank of England and assessment report from the International Remittance Division, your payment file was forwarded to us for immediate transfer of payment of the above mentioned amount to your designated bank account from their Escrow account with us.

Findings revealed that irregular activities of some insincere officials has delayed your fund transfer. We therefore advice that you stop further communication with anyone outside this office as we have been authorized to carry out your payments.

Should you follow our directives, your funds will be credited and confirmed in your account within five to seven (5-7) bank working days.

Kindly re-confirm your details by filling/completing the attached form and send back to us along with your IDENTIFICATION(international passport or driving license) for us start processing your fund transfer.

Please return the completed Form and your ID copy through our email or fax below.

Mergery Price (Ms.)
Foreign Banking Division
Halifax Bank
Fax: +44-203-318-9050

This mail message and attachments (the "message") are solely intended for the addressees. It is confidential in nature. If you receive this message in error, please delete it and immediately notify the sender by e-mail. Any use other than its intended purpose, dissemination or disclosure, either whole or partial, is prohibited except if formal approval is granted. As communication on the Internet is not secure, the sender does not accept responsibility for the content of this message «

Schon allein an der Absende-Adresse kann man erkennen, dass diese Mail wohl eher Spam sein dürfte. Zumal: Haben Sie eigentlich Kontakt mit der Halifax Bank? - Wenn nein, warum sollten Sie diese Mail dann ernst nehmen...

Solche Mails gehören umgehend in den Papierkorb!

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