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drupa: drupa preview: New Digital Platform for knowledge transfer, networking and presentation

drupa extends its digital offering: starting in October the online platform drupa preview will offer exhibitors and visitors an additional channel for touching base with the sector, discussing trending themes and presenting product portfolios. The portal will consist of the content formats “Conference”, “Exhibition” as well as “Networking” and will bring the community together. The drupa preview thus enables continuous exchange of information until the hybrid trade fair in April 2021, which will combine the on-site event with additional digital content.

» In the “Conference Area” users will find lectures, videos and interviews – providing a preview of drupa 2021. It will reflect the agenda in terms of content and the knowledge transfer that drupa stands for. On fixed days and times interested parties can take part in the web sessions free of charge and chat with the speakers. Afterwards the videos will be available on demand. The “Exhibition Space” brings together what visitors can expect to normally see in the exhibition areas – exciting products, innovative companies and expert input. This means visits to the live event can already be planned at this early stage. In addition, even meetings can already be set up: at the “Networking Plaza”. The networking options allow companies and interested parties to establish live online contact in advance and intensify this contact at the event in April 2021.

Thanks to the new digital offering, drupa provides the sector with continuous exchange and knowledge transfer and meaningfully bridges the remaining time until drupa for both visitors and exhibitors.

“We have already been working long and hard on enhancing our digital offering. The pandemic has faced us with new challenges and has ultimately been a catalyst for digitization,” says Sabine Geldermann, Director drupa and Print Technologies, and adds: “With the hybrid drupa we also give those visitors who are unable to travel the possibility to take part in the industry get-together. At the same time, we meet exhibitors’ needs to reach the international community personally. Via the portal the drupa platform therefore unites the global print community in a targeted manner.”

The content of drupa preview is free of charge for visitors. After registration content and videos can be accessed at any time. For web sessions, live lectures and Matchmaking there will be a separate (free) registration for a specific day and time. The agenda of live sessions will follow soon. «

Quelle: Press Release from September 7. 2020

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