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boot Düsseldorf: NEWS + TRENDS: SURFSPORTS

Trend Report: Surf and Fun Sports

Windsurfing, wakeboarding and SUP still on the rise,

Wingsurfing and wingfoiling are booming - also at boot Duesseldorf!

Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann
» After a surprisingly successful season, the surfing and fun sport industry is starting in a year full of challenges but with very good prospects for the 2021 season. At boot Duesseldorf, the manufacturers will present world premieres in series. This is also due to the fact that the demand for new products in 2020 was remarkably high, but due to worldwide logistic bottlenecks, many products could only be delivered with delays. Thus, many new products will be launched in January just in time for the world's largest water sports fair. The mood in the industry is optimistic for good reasons, despite constantly demanding tasks.

Trend: Wingsurfing and Wingfoiling
Surfing with wings goes "through the roof" in 2021
Already at the last editions of boot Duesseldorf, wingsurfing and wingfoiling were topics of interest for exhibitors and visitors. But after this sunny summer of 2020, all the experts, based on their experience, expect these young sports to get off to a brilliant start in the coming season. "Wingsurfing is the outshining trend", says Tom Eierding from TPE Sport Distribution and Trade Agency in Flensburg, "it's been growing for a few years now, but now it's going through the roof". Florian Brunner, member of the trade fair advisory board of boot Duesseldorf and Managing Director of APM Marketing, also says: "Wingsurfing and wingfoiling are the hot topics. This has already become apparent in discussions with our dealers and sales force".

There are several reasons for the expected boom of surfing with a wing in your hands: While many people stayed at home this summer and experienced an exceptionally sunny time on and around the water, they found time not only to discover the exciting sports, but to try them out for themselves. "Having a wing in your hands and being on the water close to your home, that's something new," explains Tom Eierding, "so two factors came together in perfect weather. Now that the first generation of boards and wings are in use, Eierding said, there will be a lot of activity, especially in the wingboard sector. Sales are expected to multiply due to the forcasted rapid increase in demand. You can imagine it to be like the windsurfing boom in the 80s and 90s or the kite boom at the turn of the millennium." Whereby these two sports remain popular classics.

Trend: Learning new skills in watersports schools
VDWS with wings at the pulse of time
The first watersports schools have already offered wingsurfing and wingfoiling in the 2020 season. Very early on the Association of German Windsurfing and Watersport Schools (VDWS) had already trained the first wingsurfing instructors in an intensive course on Cyprus in 2019 and provided them with a curriculum to train newcomers in the watersports season 2020. "The curriculum was developed at the same time. In the meantime, the demand for training in foilwindsurfing is also increasing, which was even more intensified by the new Olympic discipline", says VDWS managing director Dirk Muschenich. The photoshooting for the corresponding workbook around the topics of wingsurfing with all accompanying measures for the well-known VDWS series is currently taking place in Tarifa with a local Spanish production team. It will be presented at the boot Duesseldorf".

So it fits in well with the innovatively extended join-in program in hall 8a. In cooperation with the boot Duesseldorf team, the VDWS ensures that beginners and slightly advanced students can learn in small groups on simulators. The wing trend is taken into account: the Skill Academy program offers simulators in all four sports for the first time: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, SUP and Wingsurfing.

Trend: comeback of local watersports spots
How the young attractive sports of wingsurfing enliven the scene
The wingsurfing trend is generating another wave of enthusiasm: the rediscovery or revitalization of native hunting grounds, which for various reasons took place intensively during the extraordinary 2020 season. "Wingfoiling is fun with less wind than windsurfing. This also brings new, less windy but beautiful spots into play. For example, at Altmuehlsee (Bavaria), I experienced what is suddenly going on there and how many trendsetters there are in action with wings", says Dirk Muschenich. In Germany alone, around 200 member schools are organized through the VDWS, with an additional 325 locations worldwide. "The fact that wingsurfing is taking off right now puts not only the classic spots in the spotlight, but also less frequented areas. Another part of the fascination of wingsurfing is that it is so easy to get started. Tom Eierding explains: "It's easy to learn and you can use what you have: an old windsurfboard, a SUP board or something inflatable. You buy a wing and off you go."

Trend: individual sports & newcomers
The luck of the soloists on the water
After a good summer in challenging times, the surf and fun sports industry is looking optimistically to the future. "We sell products for individual outdoor sports. The signals for the industry have been extremely positive in recent months," explains Florian Brunner. Waterski Langenfeld's manager Karsten Krey also confirms: "The summer business went well. Individual sports were possible and feasible". While wakeboarding and waterskiing remain highly popular, Krey has identified another general trend that he believes will continue: "We had an incredible number of newcomers. This may have had something to do with the pandemic and the people who stayed at home in search of a sporting leisure activity. But above all it was the outstanding summer that brought so many newcomers to the water. This trend will continue on a massive scale. And that's why it's important for all of us, the entire industry, to take care of it. While radical new material developments in the water ski and wakeboarding sector are currently not pending, the system operators are taking care of the regional offer with a lot of creativity. Krey explains: "This is also a trend. One with entertainment character: At least once a year the water parks are redesigned with new kickers and sliders".

Trend: World premieres
On display for the first time at the boot Düsseldorf
With attractive show elements adapted to the current health situation and a cleverly thought-out visitor concept, boot Düsseldorf will present board sports in Hall 8a. A high fun and experience factor is provided by the newly designed large pool, on which even more will be possible this year with wind machines. The responsibly designed skill academy, test and show areas, such as the popular THE WAVE made by citywave, offer a sea of safe opportunities for participation. Equally exciting are the many world premieres that will be on display in Hall 8a. Due to the fact that demand for equipment was high in all surfing areas, but delivery processes were partially interrupted, a number of world premieres have been delayed. At boot Duesseldorf, they will be in the worthy spotlight from January 23 to 31, 2021, and will be one of the trends at the beginning of the year. "Because many product presentations have been delayed, there will be a correspondingly large number of hot premieres at boot," says Florian Brunner. All experts agree that surfing and board sports are and will remain a strong response to the challenges of the times.

About boot Düsseldorf 2021:
boot Düsseldorf will take place from 23 to 31 January in 17 halls of the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre. Under the motto "Reboot your business" the exhibitors will present in 2021 exciting new boat models as well as innovative technological developments. Messe Düsseldorf has already successfully implemented its officially approved hygiene and infection protection concept "PROTaction" at CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF in September. «

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