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Spam und Co.: Re: high back office chair

Wenn man eine Rückantwort-Mail auf eine nie versandte Mail erhält, dann kann man sich recht sicher sein, dass diese Antwortmail Spam ist...

So zum Beispiel diese Mail von Ethan Owens :

» Hi,

Hope you are doing well.
Our new office chair has recently been released by our firm.
The following product information enables you to check more about them.

Selected Material: High density shape foam, more comfortable, elasticity resilience and service life. 1.8mm thick steel frame,
more robust and stable. Pu Leather, resistant to skin and wear.
Upgraded Configuration: gas lift class 3, sturdy, confident and up to 300lbs support.
Rubber roller, silently rolling and tested rolling for 1000 kilometers.
Multi-function: 360° rolling and multi-direction rollers, loading ability: max.
capacity of 300pounds. Recline function. Recline function.
From 90 degrees to 180. Rocking: when you change the knob below the seat, the chair may rock back and forth.
Size: back size: 22.5 cm and 30.5 cm. Dimension: Seat size: 14,5" and 20,5" Seat size.
Height of setting for the seat: 17.3 to 21.5 inches.
Wide Use: This chair is ideal for playing computer games, watching shows, doing your job and relaxing.
It will modernize and elegance your room.

Chairs prices:
195.50 for one chair
185.50 for two chairs
175.50 for three or more chairs
Chair colors to choose?black, white, blue, grey, green, red, pink, purple, cyan.

Do you like to take one ot two of our chairs?
Simply give us with the address, we will contact logistics to organize the shipment for you.

This chair stretches the entire length of the back with the support
Head and neck for the shoulders. Our seats have been designed
You will find natural body form.
Full convenience with its pu leather furnishings.
Adjuster of angle of tilt locking mechanism from 90 to 180°
Gas Spring Cylinder height adjustable
Five-star robust basis
Orthopedic and ergonomic design
Material of premium leather pu
Headrest and lumbar coil included
Up to 300 pounds load capacity
Height of sitting: 17.7 to 20.9"
Dimension of backrest: 22.5 x 30.5"

Do you like to take one ot two of our chairs?
Simply give us with the address, we will contact logistics to organize the shipment for you.

Ethan Owens «

Wichtig bei solchen Mails ist, dass Sie die Bilder, die in dieser Mail vorhanden sind, nicht nachladen. Denn so zeigen Sie dem Absender auf, dass Sie seine Mail wahrgenommen haben. - Somit könnte er nun auf die Idee kommen, dass er Ihnen noch mehr Mails dieser Art zusendet...

Solche Mail gehören in den Papierkorb!

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