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Spam und Co.: Re: football table includes 22 players

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» Hi,

How are you doing?
Have you read the information on the workplace foosball table that we previously supplied to you?
This product is now available from our warehouse.
I'm going to present you with the product information once again right now.

This table includes 22 players, a green playground, two manual scorers, and a football field that has been restored to its former glory.
Keeping hydrated when the competition heats up is made easy thanks to two cup holders.
Rod bars provide comfortable grips that help to avoid hand slippage and improve ball control (2 balls included) A total of two balls are included in the set.
MDF Fiberboard is a product that is favorable to the environment. When it comes to the building of our football table,
we employ high-quality MDF fiberboard.
Stability is provided by four robust legs with non-slip footings.

In fact, a single table can give hours of game enjoyment for one or two people.
If you have a playroom or an extra room in your home, this table will be a perfect addition.
It is really light and easy to move around in. This is an excellent option for you.

MDF (Carb P2) and plastic are used to construct it.
The size of the product is determined by the product (48 x 24 x 30)
"This piece has the following dimensions: 121.92 x 61 x 77.5 cm (L x W x H) and weighs 21.5kg / 47.40lbs (325.16 x 35.6)."
The artwork has the following measurements: 128x66x14mm (L x W x H)
One set is contained within each carton.

For one foosball table is 195.85 per table.
For two or three football tables is 185.85 each

If you'd like to pick up one or two today, please let us know your exact location so we can prepare accordingly.
We will make every effort to have your tables shipped as quickly as possible.

There are 22 players at this table, as well as a green playing area and two goalkeepers who use manual controls.
Design that is compatible with a wide variety of devices. Additionally, soft grips are included on the rod bars to aid with ball control and
to prevent the rod bars from slipping out of the hands during play (2 balls included) Two balls are included in the price.
MDF Fiberboard that is environmentally friendly: Our football table is constructed of high-quality, durable MDF fiberboard.
Each leg, which is supported by four sturdy legs, is stabilized by an adjustable non-slip foundation.

Edgar Avila «

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