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Spam und Co.: HAN Crude Oil

Bei Mails, wie sie Jean Rosvuu - - versendet, gehen hoffentlich bei Ihnen die Spam-Warn-Bauchgefühle an...

» Ref::::Good Day

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that we have completed a thorough investigation into a transaction, or should we say, a contract, that we conducted with a Libyan oil corporation. We are therefore trusting that you will assist us in receiving a contract dividend of US $ 68,760,000.00.

We conducted a crude oil supply deal through HAN Oil Angola based on a license issued by the Libyan Oil Cooperation, but we later discovered that the permit holder was not its rightful owner.

Please do not ignore this communication.

Angola's HAN Oil is required to report any unclaimed funds for permanent closure. Being an executive in the Crude Oil & Products Trading Division of HAN Oil Angola, I have access to all necessary information and contacts to ensure that the funds can be recovered without any trouble.

HAN Oil Angola has deposited funds in escrow in anticipation of receiving legitimate claims for disbursement. Since I was fortunate enough to acquire this information, I believe it could be the key to achieving lifetime success without taking any risks. I can be reached via private email at,

I will not disclose any further information until we receive confirmation that we are in communication with the appropriate party.

I look forward to your prompt response.


Jean Rosvuu

Procurement Supervisor «

Denn: warum sollte Ihnen ein Ihnen vollkommen Unbekannter solch eine Mail zusenden? Und warum sollte die Mail mit gmail versendet, aber Ihre Antwort an outlook erfolgen?

Das beste, was Sie mit solchen Mails tun können, ist Ihr Mail-Programm zu trainieren, indem Sie solche Mails als Spam kennzeichnen. Somit werden zukünftige Mails dieser Art automatisch aussortiert...

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