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Kölner Karneval: Greetings from Cologne - with "Alaaf" in XXL format

* New "Selfi-Spot" focuses on the unmistakable Cologne exclamation

* More than two meters high lettering at different locations

* The festival committee is giving the city a new eye-catcher in the anniversary year

* Hashtag #alaaf invites you to network on social media

Alaaf am Gürzenich | Foto: Dominik Sommerfeld
» Just five letters are enough to describe a city and a whole attitude towards life: "Alaaf" is a traditional Cologne exclamation known around the world and a real trademark of the Rhenish joie de vivre. The festival committee of the Cologne carnival is now making this word very real and “tangible” a trademark. Because for the 200th birthday of the organized carnival, the umbrella organization of the Cologne carnivalists had the word implemented as lettering in XXL format, which will be set up at changing prominent locations in the city over the next few months as a photo and selfie point. The letters, which are more than two meters high, can be seen in front of the Cologne Gürzenich just in time for the proclamation of the Cologne triumvirate. There, Festival Committee President Christoph Kuckelkorn unveiled the lettering on Thursday (January 5, 2023): “In the anniversary year, we want everyone in Cologne and, of course, all visitors to the city to share in the joy of the anniversary of the organized carnival. The heartfelt 'Alaaf' finds its way into cellphones and into the hearts of everyone who feels connected to Cologne.”
Each of the five letters in the large lettering, which is of course designed in Cologne's city colors of red and white, weighs a good 350 kilograms. For residents and visitors of the city, the "Alaaf" should become an attractive photo point in 2023, inviting them to playfully and creatively deal with the five letters that stand for the city and its attitude to life. In order to always become a new, attractive place for selfies, group photos, greeting cards and the like, the lettering will travel across Cologne in the coming months: Gürzenich, Rheinauhafen, Heumarkt and Deutzer Rhein-Promenade are already firmly planned. Further locations are to be added. Even use after the carnival anniversary year is conceivable.

Hashtag: #Alaaf
Large- format letters as identification marks are a popular photo motif, and not only in Hollywood. In Amsterdam, Toronto and other cities around the world, tourists immortalize themselves in front of distinctive lettering. Experience in other places shows that the "Alaaf" in red and white will soon be sending greetings from Cologne all over the world. Anyone who posts a corresponding photo on social media can mark it with the hashtag "#alaaf" and thus ensure networking in the spirit of joie de vivre. And that's not all: the festival committee will show selected and creative highlight motifs on its social media channels and reward them in this way. «

  Alaaf at the Gürzenich | Photo: Dominik Sommerfeld
Festival Committee President Christoph Kuckelkorn (centre) with representatives of the four anniversary societies
From left to right: Red Sparks, Hellige Knäächte and Mägde, The Great One from 1823, Lyskircher Hellige Knäächte and Mägde

Quelle: Press release of the Festkomitee Kölner Karneval von 1823 of 5 January 2023


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