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Computerspiele/-games: Beyond Sunset

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Old School, Action RPG
PUBLISHER: Movie Games S.A.

» Cyberpunk first-person shooter with a rich story and RPG elements. You are Lucy, an enhanced street samurai searching for lost memories. Fight in large, open, interactive levels overtaken by yakuza, zombies, robots and bosses!


You awake from cryostasis with memories lost in the confusing fog of hypersleep. Immediately you begin to manifest powerful abilities. Lightning-fast reactions. Innate combat skills. Near-supernatural agility.

Your talents are quickly recognized. A mysterious woman named Yuri offers you a deal. In exchange for getting your memories back, you need to utilise your powers to become a street samurai in the crime-ridden, plague-stricken Sunset City.

* Upgarde a selection of distinct weapons.
* Outmaneuver your foes using dash/slide.
* Unlock special abillies in vertical combat scenarios.

* Upgarde Lucy to grow more powerful.
* Explore large, open levels of NPCs.
* Discover new challanges and playstyles.

* Create new levels with GZDoom tools
* Design weapons, special attacks and combat scenarios.
* Post it to the Doom modding community!

* Fluid movement: High-octane first-person action with advanced movements for dashing, sliding and other acrobatics.
* RPG Elements: Interact with NPCs, learn the lore of Sunset City, take side missions and upgrade your abilities.
* Lo-Fi aesthetic: inspired by classic first-person shooters, from Doom to Duke Nukem 3D to Blood.
* Synthwave vibe: Hear an original vaporwave soundtrack composed by synthwave legend Karl Vincent.
* Mod support: Create and share your own levels, weapons and more with richly-featured free and open-source tools.

Movie Games is a Polish game developer and publisher, listed on NewConnect, the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s alternative investment market.

The company was founded by game enthusiasts with experience in the financial, gaming, and media sectors. It consists of new talents and industry veterans including Maciej Miasik, the key developer behind The Witcher, and David Jaffe, the creator of God of War, Piotr Gnyp, a longtime video game jouranlist and the creator of, and Tobiasz Pigatkowski, one of Poland’s most acclaimed art directors and comic book writers. Movie Games’ portfolio includes adventure games (the Lust series) and simulators (Drug Dealer Simulator, Gas Station Simulator, MythBusters: The Game, and Alaskan Truck Simulator).

In 2021, Movie Games together with the production and post-production house Platige Image established Image Games, an indie premium developer focused on producing AA role-playing games. «

Source: Beyond Sunset Press Kit

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